Concord's End - A Starmade Adventure [Pre-production]

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"Look sir, Droids" ~Vaygr soldier, finding pieces of Plaz~

Concord's End is a StarMade RP series.

In Concord's End, the Vaygr Empire strikes all of the UIS factions simultaneously and cripples them. Trident leaders Jake and Plaz escape on the experimental modified Halberd, and attempt to rally together the remnants of the UIS factions to strike back against the Vaygr.

The format is still a work-in-progress but I anticipate it will be similar to other televised science fiction and consist of several episodes encompassing several story arcs. Episodes will be released on the Trident Official YouTube channel.

Yes I'm aware that The Lost Galaxy failed, and this time we won't be making the episodes as we go. Instead we'll be doing it properly; filming and editing all episodes before release, not during it.

For now, this thread serves to gather up all of the concept and pre-production material of the new series.​

So this is the UISV M6-001 Halberd. First of it's class, it was originally a relatively benign explorer vessel. But then the UIS got their hands on it, and it was turned into a highly-advanced command vessel. In addition, the exterior and interior have been upgraded by various UIS members until the vessel basically resembled a mess of styles; RedEagle armour plating, Trinova colours, Aethi glowy-stuff...

It's also the ship Jake and Plaz escape in, and therefore also the primary location of the series.

In addition, we obtained permission from RedAlert_007 to use a gutted hull of the Vaygr Intruder-class as the primary Vaygr capital ship for the series.

These Intruders have had a detail pass to improve the general aesthetics of the vessel, and are in the process of receiving a full interior.

The bridge is complete, though. I intentionally designed the bridge to be reminiscent of that of an Imperial- or Venator-class Star Destroyer, with the sunken crew pits, huge forward windows and dim lighting (though it's red here), as well as the prominent Captain's position.

So this is the (still WIP) Vaygr Gunship. Optimised for atmospheric usage, and able to carry twelve troops to a planetary surface, the Gunship will be a common sight throughout Concord's End, fighting the protagonists in their galactic journeys.

Each Gunship carries two side-mounted plasma repeater turrets to deal with hostiles on the sides. They have poor elevation, however. The gunships also carry two forward-facing fixed plasma cannons for anti-ship use, and will also carry twin missile tubes below the cockpit (SOONTM). The vessel seats three crew in the cockpit and two turret operators.

Despite being optimised for planetary usage, the Gunship is often pressed into service in space as a patrol/pursuit vessel and light corvette. A variation will also be used by the Vaygr military police.

Vaygr cargo vessel

Completed exterior of Mammoth-class bulk freighter

Mammoth-class cargo bay

Trident tank with transport cradle

Trident Deep-space Resupply base

Vaygr Cyclops-class Frigate. The Vaygr Empire's smallest 'proper' space combat vessel (the Raider-class doesn't count since it's a hybrid)

The Capella-type Outpost is a further development of the publicly released Vega-type Outpost, with an added docking ring. Both stations will be seen in the series. (In reality, the Capella came first; the Vega was created using it's central core)

RedEagle's fleet

Trinova's fleet

Trident shipyard station

Zorozeenee's private throne room


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