Welcome [Rules and Staff]

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Welcome to the TCN forums.

This site was born because by all appearances, StarMade is on the decline. It's time for us to reduce our reliability on systems provided by Schine. We also disagree with many decisions made regarding the administration of SMD. Instead of bitching about it, we're trying to migrate away.

1. Migrate CBS applications to this site as a secondary to SMD
2. Implement Registry support
3. Require HTTPS (Currently supported. Waiting for something private before forcing)

Temporary rules
1. Don't be a dick.
2. Keep things to their specific category. Categories are based on our discord channels and SMD.
3. NSFW related content is to be kept in the NSFW channel of the discord.

Current Staff

The site is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or problems, please let us know. We will continue to flesh it out with features and a new rule set as we feel the need arises.

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