MineCake Survival now open!

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Our first Minecraft Server is now open!


  1. No killing other players without their prior consent.
  2. Don't damage anything that isn't yours, unless the creator of the object says it is okay.
  3. Faction politics or personal grudges are to be left at the door. We will kick and eventually ban people who kick up outside arguments
  4. Keep the peace. A little banter here and there or a good political discussion are perfectly fine. What is not fine is excessive profanity, flaming, or insults.
  5. Don't harass people - if someone asks you to leave their area, do so. If someone tries to get away from you, leave them alone.
  6. Team area markers (map mod) should be kept strictly within your own bases. Don't allow them to overflow into communal areas(cake town streets) or other peoples bases
  7. Don't eat the cake at spawn. Who ever did this should come forward and accept their execution.
  8. Don't interfere with existing builds that are not your own. Always seek the owners permission before doing anything that could interfere with a build, such as modifying it, building around it, editing it. This rule does not apply for harmless pranks, or PVP.
  9. Don't create claims directly bordering existing claims. There should be a 1 chunk buffer zone between claims, unless both parties agree otherwise. This does not apply for areas like CakeTown.

You can find the server at mc.thecake.network

You will need FTB Revelations - https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-revelation

You will also need to install the SGCraft ontop of the FTB - https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/un-official-port-of-sg-craft/files/2535048


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